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Jason Weinstein and Gene Sperling

In the list highlight Jason Weinstein and Gene Sperling, who played respectively positions in the Department of Justice and the National economic Council of the United States before moving as advisers two of the most important companies criptomonedas today as are BitFury and Ripple Labs. Other companies BitCoin that will have financial experts are Circle, BitPay and BitMex, who respectively joined services Paul Camp, a former JPMorgan Chase; Arthur Levitt, SEC previously and Arthur Hayes, from Citi.

In addition to the interest in participating in these companies, there are those who have decided to found their own initiatives. As the case in the UK where the former CEO of Goldman Sachs Timo Schlaefer, recently announced the launch corridor indicators derived from the Crypto Facilities digital currency, confirming the growing interest of institutional investors in the BitCoin economy. BitCoin incentives offered to financial experts. Certainly one major personal incentives that have financial experts these is the search for true innovation in the sector. We must remember that we are talking about professionals who have been for most of his life in banking, financing products, payment platforms and stock markets. They are people who live and love finance. Dee Hock, founder of Visa and now a member of the advisory board of Xapo said upon arrival at the startup BitCoin:

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Financial experts continue to venture to BitCoin.

Since the advent of BitCoin as a decentralized alternative to the current banking system, the reactions of financial institutions were rejection and indifference in general. After overcoming various adverse situations, the virtual currency has aroused the interest of many financial experts worldwide. The interest generated BitCoin and technology support, Blockchain, has not only been in banking institutions, but also in many financial experts working in these institutions. So much so that several of them have decided to migrate from the traditional banking sector which already today is a strong and growing reality: criptomonedas sector.

The 'moving' of these financial experts has been not only of private banking institutions but also government agencies. Making clear that BitCoin and criptomonedas are a really powerful alternative that is already hitting the current financial system on several fronts. In the recently published report of BitCoin in the first quarter of 2015 by CoinDesk portal stand up to 8 executives who moved from private financial institutions and various state companies of criptomonedas sector. Most of them from Wall Street, the main financial center in the world today.
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